One-on-One Physical Therapy in Your Home or Office.

Owner and Founder Tonya Juge is an experienced, New York State-licensed physical therapist with an advanced manual certification through the Institute of Physical Art, who helps clients to successfully recover from sports and other injuries, rehab from surgery, or simply regain the ability to perform daily life activities without pain or restricted movement.

Tonya meets with her clients individually for a full hour, guiding them through manual therapy techniques and exercise movements that retrain the body to work stronger, faster, and longer to drastically reduce or eliminate pain. Clients are active participants in the healing process and are given a “tool kit” of post-therapy exercises and gentle pressure techniques they can use to remain healthy and active throughout their lives.

Treatments are customized to the client’s specific needs and comfort zone and are more personal and effective than typical group physical therapy sessions.

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Sitting Posture Class

The Mindful Body Series will explore ways to optimize and fine tune your body through posture and exercise techniques that are practical and achievable.  You will learn trunk balancing principles and core dynamics that can be applied to everyday movements as well as sports.  The demands of our day often skew our bodies into adaptive postures. We all have the power to interrupt the daily stresses that build up in our bodies so we may live a life with more strength and ease. Come take the journey to a mindful body existence.